March 2024 update: I am hoping to continue work on my projects by August.

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Assume no communications are private, references: William Binney, Edward Snowden

Projects & Ventures:
Will be published in a few months.
Will be published in a few months.

Will be published in a few months.
Will be published in a few months.

Other projects: փօրթալ.հայ
Armenian operating system, computer, smartphone, & more. Armenian language, design, & manufacturing. Suitable for education, business, personal use. Will be published in a few months.
Photons I have captured that are worth sharing. Will be updated in a few months.

Other projects are not public information.

Engineering capability:

Electronics design engineering including circuit simulation, schematics, PCB layout, PCB simulation, prototyping & testing. Especially digital & power circuits. Flight computers, electric propulsion control & inverters, battery management & chargers, efficient power converters, sensor modules & digital communication interfaces.

UAV design (drones), especially hybrid wing VTOL UAVs & multi rotor UAVs.

Missile & launch vehicle design engineering of both entire vehicle & all necessary subsystems. Rocket engine design especially liquid bi-propellant propulsion. Missile subsystem testing & manufacturing optimisation. Engine testing & efficiency optimisation.

Spacecraft design engineering for Earth orbit & deep space environments. Component obsolescence mitigation, reliability & redundancy optimisations. Navigation, avionics, power, communication interfaces.

Robotics design engineering. Precise actuator & motor control, autonomy, navigation, sensor interfacing, power conversion & management, novel vehicle designs.

General engineering (concept design using broad engineering knowledge, fundamental principles, scientific method). System analysis, testing, problem solving, cost & manufacturing optimisations.

I am not currently on any social media or networking sites.

Decentralized version based on IPFS & web3.0 will be available here: EngineerAllen.wallet