November 2023 update: Business websites will be published next month.

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Assume no communications are private, references: William Binney, Edward Snowden

Projects & Ventures:
Electronics & Technology products.
Professional Unmanned Aerial Vehicles & Flight Computers. Novel efficient Vertical Take-Off & Landing. Intelligent advanced electronic hardware sensory feedback for performance optimisation & adaptive control of novel dynamic asymmetric propulsion systems for increased aircraft capability. Personal Aerial Vehicles. Laminar flow electric propulsion aircraft with combustion engine electricity generator range extension.

Rocket engines & space access launch vehicles. Additive manufactured, high Isp, long operational lifetime, methalox engines with electric centrifugal pumps. Lightweight titanium lined carbon composite tandem tank structures. Intelligent avionics provided by AIUAS. High quantity batch production. Reusable staging via Mid Air Retrieval.
Electric propulsion off-road land vehicles with robotic autonomous capability, optional combustion engine electricity generator range extension. Simple design for low capital manufacturing & scalable batch production. Civilian passenger vehicles, commercial truck vehicles, military vehicles, designed on the same principle.

Future projects: փօրթալ.հայ
Armenian GNU linux distribution operating system, computer, smartphone, & more. Armenian language, design, & manufacturing. Suitable for education, business, personal use.
Photons I have captured that are worth sharing.

Other projects are not public information.

Engineering capability:

Electronics design engineering including circuit simulation, schematics, PCB layout, PCB simulation, prototyping & testing. Especially digital & power circuits. Flight computers, electric propulsion control & inverters, battery management & chargers, efficient power converters, sensor modules & digital communication interfaces.

UAV design (drones), especially hybrid wing VTOL UAVs & multi rotor UAVs.

Missile & launch vehicle design engineering of both entire vehicle & all necessary subsystems. Rocket engine design especially liquid bi-propellant propulsion. Missile subsystem testing & manufacturing optimisation. Engine testing & efficiency optimisation.

Spacecraft design engineering for Earth orbit & deep space environments. Component obsolescence mitigation, reliability & redundancy optimisations. Navigation, avionics, power, communication interfaces.

Robotics design engineering. Precise actuator & motor control, autonomy, navigation, sensor interfacing, power conversion & management, novel vehicle designs.

General engineering (concept design using broad engineering knowledge, fundamental principles, scientific method). System analysis, testing, problem solving, cost & manufacturing optimisations.

I am not currently on any social media or networking sites.

Decentralized version based on IPFS & web3.0 will be available here: EngineerAllen.wallet